Typical Door Care Life Cycle:

Until now, the normal operating procedure has been to allow a door’s finish to weather and age to the point where it becomes extremely faded, chalky and unsightly before addressing the condition. This then necessitates a costly refinishing and/or repainting to restore an acceptable finish.


This "boom to bust" cycle, with the doors spending 1/2 to 2/3 of their life looking old, faded and weathered, inevitably impacts the tenants' perception of a property’s quality and results in much greater repair costs.


Wouldn't it be better if the door's finish was protected and you could always have a ‘like-new’ appearance throughout the life of the door - like you do by occasionally waxing your car?


The following table shows average material and labor costs for painting an 8’ x 8’ roll door with various types and qualities of coatings, including the Endura-Glaze Ceramic Enhanced Coating and the estimated per door cost of each over a 30 year period.

You can easily see that even if you don’t repaint or recoat until the theoretical maximum coating life is reached, the ‘protective approach’ of using Endura-Glaze Ceramic Enhanced Coating at the beginning of the wear cycle can save you a lot of money while maintaining your doors in a continuous “like new” finish.


Paint/Coating Life1

Cost Per Door2

30-Year Cost per Door3

Painted in a Hi-performance automotive grade 2k urethane coating that will last 12-15 years

$90 - $100


Painted in an industrial coating that will last 7-8 years

$70 - $80


Painted in an architectural (house paint) coating that will last 4-5 years

$50 - $60


Cost to add “Endura-Glaze” protective ceramic coating that will last 8-12 years

$30 - $40


1. Average maximum duration range the door finish will remain in a relatively good condition. Will vary depending on location , sun exposure and local environment.

2. Average material and labor cost for an 8x8 roll door, which may vary by geographical location.

3. 30-year cost estimate was arrived by taking 30 years and dividing by the maximum life expectancy (the minimum number of times you would have to theoretically paint in a 30 year period), then this was multiplied by the lowest cost per application for material and labor.

Practical service life of the factory paint applied to a roll door in an exterior exposure:


Up to 12 years: Like new, retains a semi-gloss shine. Easily cleaned.

Between 8-15 years: Loss of some shine, harder to clean, first hint of chalking occurs. Edura-Glaze recommended.

Between 12-20 years: Loss of most shine, color starts looking faded, chalking noticeable, and much harder to clean.

Between 15-25 years: Loss of all shine, heavy chalking, faded look, chalk comes off on hands. Cleaning requires strong detergent with agitation damagimg to the door finish. Difficult to “clear coat” restore completely

Between 20-30 years: Severe chalking, irreparable damage to the door finish occurring requiring repainting. Between 25-40 years: Door finish degrading down to metal, will require heavy preparation before repainting.

A range of years is given for each stage due to factors such as color (bright and/or dark colors degrade faster than light), geographic location (Florida vs Michigan), direction to the sun (South facing degrade faster than North facing). These estimates are based on 35+ years of experience observing actual field conditions of 10's of thousands of doors at various locations and ages across the country as well as feedback from our many storage customers.