The Problem

Ultraviolet rays from the Sun cause even factory applied coatings to oxidize. The binders and pigments begin to break down, causing the surface to look dull and dry. Dust and grime are not easily rinsed or wiped off due to the increased roughness and porosity of the degraded coating. With time, oxidation will break down the paint's surface and form a chalky residue. This chalking is an indication of the paint’s age and exposure to the elements. If left untreated, this process will eventually compromise the coating and require the door to be repainted. Never let your factory finished metal get to this stage!

The Solution!

An application of Endura-Glaze ceramic clear coat forms a protective barrier between the elements, including harmful UV rays, and the door’s painted surface. Dust and dirt are easily wiped or rinsed off. The surface feels smooth and slick, and water beads up and slides off the door. Properly maintained doors will never need to be repainted and will always have that fresh "like new" look.



Costs Less - Does More - Lasts Longer
Apply to newer* and restored metal surfaces to protect and extend the life cycle.
Re-apply every 8 - 12 years on a maintenance cycle for a lifetime finish!
Apply at a fraction of the cost of paint and other clear restoration products.
*new or doors up to 10 years old that have no significant chalk


  • Protect against color fading, extend the door life indefinitely**
  • Creates a “wet look” that enhances the color with a semi-gloss shine
  • Makes doors easier to clean; dust and dirt easily wipe off
  • Superior protection from the sun, grime, and pollution
  • Makes the surface “Super Hydrophobic”, water just beads up and slides off
  • Self re-wetting - easy to repair or easily add additional coats even years later
  • Easy “do-it-yourself” application OR applied by a painting contractor
  • Scratches and scuff can be easily repaired

**When applied at recommended intervals. Not for use on automobiles.