Chem-Bakeā„¢ One Step 3:1 is a Low VOC/South Coast Air Quality Management District compliant, low HAPS, two component, tinted acrylic polyurethane coating for repainting prefinished metal surfaces including SMP coil coated sheet metal that is used in the manufacturer of rolling steel doors, roofs, gutters, and metal siding.

Not suitable for direct to metal or direct application to rusty surfaces without priming.

Product features include:

  • Highly durable abrasion and impact resistant
  • Excellent color fastness and gloss retention
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to salts, acids, solvent, alkalis
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) / South Coast Air Quality Management District compliant, 2.1 lbs per gal Low HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutant)
  • Apply via Airless, Air Assist, HVLP, Conventional Spray, Brush and Roll*
  • Clean-up with acetone
  • Available in a nearly unlimited array of fade resistant colors.
  • *Application via brush and roll requires EC-9M05-5oz Brush and Rolling Thinner.