BITMAP - Branding & Theme Paint is a high-performance color saturated paint  which  is well  suited forself-storage and other demanding commercial uses. It is perfect for branding, imaging, theme, mural and accent painting applications.

BITMAP is a fast drying, 100% acrylic self-crosslinking product with superior toughness and resistance to weather, chalking, fading, mold, mildew and dirt pick-up.

Suitable for wood, drywall, fiber cement, concrete, stucco, primed metal and wood surfaces.

Product Sell Sheet


1 BITMAP is to be used at temperature of 50°F and higher but flows and levels down to 35°F

2 This product is not considered hazardous under current regulations of the Clean Air Act.


√ Interior & Exterior Use    
√ Excellent Adhesion & Durability
√ Superior Color & Gloss Retention
√ Faster Drying
√ Cold Weather Formula1
√ Finish Resists Dirt Pick-up, Mold & Mildew
√ Unsurpassed Fade & Chalk Resistance
√ No Harmful Solvents 2