Branding & Imaging There are a lot of building that look like yours. Branding doesn't replace great customer service but it can attract new people to your facility and help differentiate you from similar buisnesses. In fact a study by the Self Storage Association shows that the most common way for people to learn about a self-storage facility is while driving by it.

Branding and imaging also helps in the following ways:

  • It improves recognition and 'stickiness' with colors, logos, signage and other graphical elements that are easily remembered and easier for your customers to share ie 'the big red building with the cube' or 'it has a cool ocean mural on the side - you can't miss it!'
  • It helps establishes a professional appearance and curbside appeal
  • It can be leveraged in marketing with catch phrases and images that reinforce your presence, trustworthiness, pricing and other company hallmarks.
  • It can be carried throughout your facility to reinforce your employees sense that they are professionals and part of a team i.e. on uniform, awards and the like.

Help your facility get noticed with BITMAP - Branding, Imaging, Theme, Mural & Accent Painting!