Both products enhance color and restore the shine of your faded doors. Both offer UV protection. So what's the difference?

The main difference is that Door Restore Ultimate is a 2-part polyurethane with a base and a catalyst that is similar to a high end automotive finish. It produces a longer lasting, more resistant 'shell' on the door and is most suitable for experienced paint crews.

Door Restore Express is focused on producing a similar shine and gloss but in a faster drying, easier-to-use single component finish. The trade off for the fast result is that the finish is slightly softer and it is not solvent resistant. However since there is no need to use a catalyst it is easier to touch-up. Door Restore Express will have a lower initial material cost per door but both are economical when you factor in that Door Restore Ultimate typically lasts two or more times longer that Door Restore Express.

Both are great solutions with slightly different features and benefits for you to consider.